Its already the second day since I'm in KL. My purpose here is to work, but during this two days, I cant get to work yet, as my leader haven't arrange me for a place to work for. So what can I do for the moment ?
Many friends would say ," Good la, enjoy ur time in kl while not working" , guess they are right if and only if I have no financial restraints. At the moment, I am spending my savings for my daily expenses and live like a vagabonds. It is never a good feeling of troubling ppl, staying here and there without paying or giving something else as a reward, it makes me feels like I am a "bad" guy who is troubling friends and relatives. However, it is life, I have no choice for now, I get desperate as I have nothing with me. I really appreciates their help and I promised myself that, I would, someday, contribute back to them. I guess there are many people face even worst situation with me, (homeless people, unemployed single parent family, helpless orphans, and the list go on), to look for the better side, there are many ppl who enjoying their life without reason, such as ( rich kids bornt in rich family, they have no worries, but some of them is still complaining about their So-Called problems,such as low class restaurant,no entertainment, low class cars, no money to buy shoes, no money to buy all those branded clothes, no money to buy their favourite phones, no money to buy their...... The list goes on), living in this society, it is always unfair. What we can do to make it fairer is that we work hard ,work the very best to strive for what we want, and we will eventually become who we always wanted to be and get what we always wanted to be, if we don't, at least we can achieve half of our goals. Don't just blame parents and complaining about how the others stopping u from achieving something, DO whatever u CAN to achieve them. I used to do all these, I admit, sometimes I still do it, but I am trying my very best to improve myself,as no one is perfect.So just lets conclude all this things as one sentence, Do not Blame,complain and giving excuses, DO what u CAN and what u MUST!!

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This is another song I played and recorded yesterday. It was rainin heavily and there are thunders. Although the quality is not that good but I quite love it. As this is the last chance for me to record like this. After today, I wouldn't have much time to play piano and record song. haix.... Sad.... Hopefully u all would like it.. 

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~~Few months ago, I was being introduced to this songwritter/music editor ,Mistabishi from my best friend. I always like what he introduce me,(Most of it), and that was the first time I get in touch with ELECTRONIC musics. Before this,I do not like Electro musics and even hate the ppl who love it. But not for now, I had change my perception to the electro musics. I love the Electro musics done by Mistabishi, it gives me a feeling of nostalgia plus Futuristic feeling,it is so unique that I fall in love with it instantly after I listened to it. After months, I am still listening to it often, usually when I am driving at night or I m alone, I feel good with this music, I felt the solitude n it is GOOD feeling, not those EMO feeling. I can feel the pleasures of hearing it, But not TAKING DRUGS. In his album Drop, one of my favourites is "From Memory", Mistabishi added some children voice and about two to three verse of lyrics in this music, and this gives an effect of reminiscing the past, of my childhood. Another unique song is "Printer Jam", this song is the first ONE OF THE KIND song that I heard since I was born in the world and I love it! There are many  more special songs in his album "Drop". Check out the two links I uploaded , and I bet you will love it too~~

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So im back to my blog... And I've renew it ,the title had changed,the background wil change soon.So be patient. XD

Let me share what Im doing recently,besides preparing for the big day, CNY, I was doing nothing but die-hard to record a perfect song wif my laptop and Piano, it was quite hard for me to record it alone as i hv to control the laptop and at the same time, piano. So this is the product for the Whole MOrning,

i know u guys wil say "what? is this the song u've playing for the whole morning? It is not good!!"
Yeah, i admit that i wasn't playing very well today,lack of practises(Im quite lazy sometime) =p

I recoreded some of my favourite songs from COLDPLAY - The scientist and Viva La Vida,
and Aerith theme from Final Fantasy 7.
There were mistakes in the play, so just listen at ur RISK.. XD
and The Scientist, one of my favourites, sounds so funny by myself. Pls listen close when the song almost end, haha, my voice sounds like my Best fren outside my house~~ XD... between , just kidding around, DON U dare to treat me as A DOG!! bwahaha!!
And I ended giving up on recording for today.. Will re-record again when I'm free(guess it wil be after CNY)
Hope U guys will like it!!

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